Windows on Mac? Yes Please!

If you are an Apple aficionado, you probably know of Parallels Desktop and what it brings to your Mac. This virtualization program has unique capabilities in that it allows you to run both Windows and OS X on your machine, at the same time. Parallels Desktop 14, for example, can combine Windows 10 and OS X v10.11 10.12 10.13 10.14 10.15 , also known as. With this powerful mix of two Goliaths in operating systems, your Mac gets the two-in-one treatment and a vast array of signature Microsoft and Apple features that can be used almost interchangeably.

Parallels Desktop 14 comes to Mac in 3 different variants – Standard, Business and Pro. The Standard edition is perfect for home and personal use. You should opt for Business or Pro if you’ll be running an organization or business that requires specific tools. Stick around to find out more about the key features of this essential virtualization program.


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