Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise is the premium edition. It is the highest performing, up-to-date, inclusive, database platform- with everything from enhanced storage and memory to database analytics. Enterprise allows for unlimited virtualization and end-to-end business intelligence. It allows organizations to pinpoint new opportunities for business growth by utilizing data in the most secure and easy to manage ways.


  • Proven Security: Microsoft SQL 2016 is the least vulnerable database for six years running in the NIST vulnerabilities database.

  • End-to-end mobile BI: Analyze and deliver data insights on any device- smartphones and tablets included.

  • Insider Data Analysis: Explore data trends directly within the SQL Server

  • Hybrid Cloud Capabilities: Work directly and simultaneously from your desktop, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

    Security Features:

    • Unrivaled endpoint protection with the world’s largest civilian threat network spanning data from 175 million endpoints and 54 million attack sensors in 175 countries
    • Hi-tech IT solutions such as active scanning identifies and resolves only potentially harmful files rather than scanning the entire system. These scans are less taxing on your machine, giving you more computing power to continue working.
    • Preventative malware technology with Insight™ that logs files based on metrics such as number of downloads, sources of files, where the files are downloaded, and the types of files included. This data is used to predict how future malware will operate so you and your devices are in safe hands when the next threat arrives.
    • With optional Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which sources, defines, and blocks targeted cyber-attacks faster you’ll be able to track malware behaviors and tactics. As always, if you do not want to share your data, it can be turned off.
    • Application protection for all of your devices. Application Control allows you the option to only run whitelisted applications, or run all except blacklisted applications, depending on your security needs.
    • External Media Control gives you the options to block access to hardware or restrict usage on devices. You can control the amount uploaded or downloaded per device, or if a problem device shows up, you can block access to that machine.
    • Symantec’s Five Layers of Protection, included on every Symantec Endpoint Protection Package:
      • Network: Analysis of incoming data that blocks threats as they’re travelling through network endpoints paired with boosted firewall protection
      • File: The same proven antivirus software in Norton that protects against common threats such as trojans, malware, spyware, bots, and adware
      • Reputation: Scans website files and cookies to correlate data between users, files, and websites to find and prevent potential security threats when connected to the internet
      • Behavior: Usage of patented Artificial Intelligence to combat zero-day threats, so you’ll be protected from new threats immediately. When malware is released, SONAR™ knows all of its behaviors from day one
      • Power Eraser™: Scans endpoints and locates threats, while treating malware or other issues by deleting harmful files. Administrators can remotely access Power Eraser™ to resolve any security issue from a connected device on their network
    • Administrative control across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux with a single management system
    • Customizable controls that allow changes to policy settings for each individual user and device, maximizing customization to meet your network needs
    • Mac and Windows administrators can remotely access devices to monitor and keep devices, end-points, and networks protected and up-to-date


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