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Exercise files
What you should know

1. Establishing the Foundation Forms
Setting up reference images
Blocking in basic forms
Beginning the lift arms
Using the Boolean Modifier
Finishing the lift arms
Creating the bucket
Modeling the wheels
Modeling the operator cab
Creating the roof

2. Connecting Forms
Creating the base and rear plate
Modeling the rear cross bar
Creating the lift cylinders
Creating the rear door
Modeling the engine housing
Finishing the engine housing

3. Creating the Interior
Modeling the seat
Creating the steering controls
Creating the window grid
Modeling the door

4. Adding Details
Modeling tubes and pipes
Creating the tire treads
Modeling the lights and handgrip
Final modeling details

5. Materials, Textures, and Rendering
Lighting the scene
Creating base materials
Background images for reflections
Multiple materials and glass
Adding image textures
Creating a final render

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