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Find out the latest and most effective apps for busy Vancouver-based architects. These tech tools help you design, draw, ideate, model, and collaborate.

Apps to Make Your Architecture Firm More Efficient

Find out the latest and most effective apps for busy Vancouver-based architects. These tech tools help you design, draw, ideate, model, and collaborate.  

Staying productive and organized is a huge priority whether you’re an architect, project manager, planner, or designer. There are many tools available to help you get the job done faster, but finding time to explore the newest tech isn’t always an option.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top 10 apps that every Vancouver architect firm should consider adding to their arsenal. From measuring spaces to drafting and tracing, these apps will help keep you and your firm productive, organized, and on the go.

Autocad 2020 Architecture  draw , 3d render

Construction Master Pro is your all-in-one calculator for dealing with the more complicated measurements and calculations you encounter. Rather than dragging around an extra tool, this app lets you calculate dimension conversions, area and volume, right angle solutions, and more. The user-friendly app also provides built-in examples and instructions, ensuring you always have the most accurate figures.

Sketchup pro 2020  Plugins (Thea , v-ray , rendering , material ,..

This app is a favorite among architects and designers and comes free with an AutoDesk ID. From creative brushes to ellipse guides and rulers, sketchup pro 2020  allows you to capture ideas 3D draw  cabinet kitchen floor plan on any device and easily export them to the format of your choice. For those architects who like a quick way to jot down ideas on the go and finish fine-tuning at the office, this is a great app to add to your toolbox.


CAD Modeling

We have 2000 Video training for all autocad software , you can learn new software .

Welcome to Revit 2020, learning the essentials for structure

1. Setting Up the Project
Linking architecture
Creating levels
Copy monitor
Adding and setting up structural views
Creating view templates

2. Grids and Columns
Adding grids to the model
Adding steel columns to the model
Creating column offsets
Creating a column schedule
Adding slanted columns
Attaching columns to steel

3. Foundations
Adding foundation walls
Adding wall footings
Adding piers and pilasters
Adding isolated footings
Creating a CMU elevator shaft
Shaft openings
Adding step footings
Tagging a step footing
Adding a step footing family
Retaining walls and footings

4. Steel Framing
Adding perimeter beams
Adding beam systems
Modifying beam systems
Copy paste aligned
Altering beam elevations
Adding joist systems
Tagging framing
Configuring beam joins

5. Floors and Slabs
Creating a slab on grade
Adding a concrete floor with steel decking
Cantelivering slab edges
Creating thickened slabs
Creating slab depressions

6. Reinforcing
Parallel to face
Perpendicular to face
Sketching rebar
Adding area reinforcing
View settings
Adding free-form rebar

7. Steel Brace Frames
Adding a brace frame elevation
Adding a brace frame
Adding brace-frame gussets
Modifying plan view symbology
Creating a brace-frame sheet

8. Stairs, Ramps, and Slopes
Creating stairs
Adding C shapes to stringers
Creating ramps
Sloping slabs
Pitching floors to structure

9. Detailing and Annotating
Sections and callouts
Adding detail components
Inserting AutoCAD
Adding text
Adding dimensions

10. Schedules and Tagging
Footing schedules
Pier schedules
Creating a pier tag
Creating a material takeoff

11. Trusses
Adding Howe trusses
Attaching trusses to roofs
Changing truss materials
Editing the truss bottom chord
Detailing trusses

12. Project Management
File sharing

13. The Steel Tab
Configuring the connection settings
Adding a base plate
Adding a clip angle
Adding a column support
Customizing a connection
Breaking a connection
Adding a plate and bolts
Adding welds and symbols
Adding modifiers
Adding a miter
Adding parametric cuts


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