• Worry-Free Business Malware Protection

    Malware can cause your business serious troubles, leading you to lose money because of infected computers that are rendered unusable. Call us now and we will deal with your malware problem in no time, or help protect your computers before malicious software can compromise them. Our company’s Business Malware Team will readily assist you and deal with your malware problems in your company.

    Our Business Package includes software and services that will ensure that all your computers are protected from malware for an entire year.

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software + Inclusive Yearly Support

    Our team of experts uses the leading anti-virus and anti-malware software. Our Business Malware team is always ready to assist you via phone or chat. We offer scalable pricing, which ensures that your company gets the best value on software and services during the entire year covered by your support contract.

  • Free Checkup Status

    Our Business Malware team will first check each one of your computers to make sure there aren’t any problems with them. In case of malware, especially in pieces of software that are easily exploited, our experts will install patches. When the team is sure that the computers are already free of malware, they will then install the security suite in your package, which includes anti-virus and anti-malware software, ad blocking, and, finally, our own professional setup and configuration. Should you have enough questions during your one-year contract with us, feel free to let us know.

  • ompanies have different needs and requirements, that’s why we have scaled our Business solutions. We make sure you get the right solutions based on your budget. The estimator below can help you plan what type of package to avail of.

  • Why Is Web Security Important for Businesses?

    Security on the web is important for businesses because lots of important data and sensitive information, such as customer names and addresses, credit card details and other financial data, are at stake. These pieces of information may get stolen and used to the advantage of the thieves.
    Many, if not most, businesses today have websites, and the security of these properties should be a top priority. A businesses’ website also acts as its face, so when it is attacked by malicious software, the trust that its customers have for it can get compromised too. This is why businesses would do well to invest in web security.

  • Contact CA00% Canadian-Based and Proud of It

    If you are US customer we have office Based in Washington State, our company will never outsource its services. Give us a call, and you’re sure to talk to someone both friendly and knowledgeable.



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