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3D Slash Beginner Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi or Browser Free download, Premiumper month

*****P.S we install any of this expensive software for flat rate $100 no monthly fee huge saving one tome installation .. remote , dont drag your computer to us***

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Clara.io Beginner Browser Free, Premium
Moment of Inspiration (MoI) Beginner Windows and Mac
SelfCAD Beginner Browser
SketchUp Beginner Windows and Mac
Tinkercad Beginner Browser Free
Blender Intermediate Windows, Mac,
DesignSpark Mechanical Intermediate Windows Free, $835 (w. all add-ons)
FreeCAD Intermediate Windows, Mac,
LibreCAD Intermediate Windows, Mac, Linux
MakeHuman Intermediate Windows, Mac, Linux
Meshmixer Intermediate Windows, Mac
NanoCAD Intermediate Windows
OpenSCAD Intermediate Windows, Mac, Linux
Sculptris Intermediate Windows, Mac
3ds Max Professional Windows $1,620 per year
Cinema 4D Professional Windows, Mac $94.99 per month
Modo Professionals Windows, Mac, Linux $1,799, or $599 per year
Mudbox Professional Windows, Mac
Onshape Professional Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android $1,500 per year
Poser Professionals Windows, Mac $199
Rhino3D Professional Windows, Mac $995
ZBrush Professional Windows, Mac, or $895 one-time
AutoCAD Industrial Windows and Mac $210 per month
CATIA Industrial Windows Educational License
Fusion 360 Industrial Windows, Mac
Inventor Industrial Windows, Mac $250 per month
Solidworks Industrial Windows $1,295 per year
Siemens NX Industrial Windows From $7,500


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