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Using the exercise files
Adding plugins to Audition

1. Repairing Audio with iZotope RX
Comparing RX with the built-in Audition tools
Removing clicks
Repairing clipped audio
Eliminating plosives
Reducing recorded reverb
Removing background noise
Even more repair options with RX Connect

2. Plugins for Creative Sound Design
Making mono audio into stereo with PS22 Stereo Maker
Recreating realistic reverb with Altiverb
Simulating sonic motion with Doppler
Tuning recordings with Melodyne
Replicating old records with Vinyl
Distorting and mangling sounds with Trash 2

3. Mixing with Neutron
Exploring the Neutron interface
Speed up your mixes with Learn and Track Assistant
Mixing music and dialogue with masking
Advanced masking with EQ sidechaining
Outputting your mix with true peak limiting

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