RS0113 – SDA Fundamental
RS0114 – SDA DNAC Installation
RS0115 – SDA Introduction to DNAC Web Interface
RS0116 – SDA Certificate Install
RS0117 – SDA Network Design and Sites
RS0118 – SDA LAN Automation with PnP
RS0119 – SDA Discovery and Inventory
RS0120 – SDA Software and Patch Management
RS0121 – SDA Configuration Template
RS0122 – SDA Application Policy (EasyQoS)
RS0123 – SDA Fabric Virtual Network
RS0124 – SDA Fabric Inter-VRF and External Connection
RS0125 – SDA Identity Policy with ISE
RS0126 – SDA Access Policy with TrustSec
RS0127 – SDA Wireless Fabric Mode
RS0128 – SDA Wireless Non-Fabric Mode
RS0129 – SDA Wireless Guest
RS0130 – SDA Multicast
RS0131 – SDA Assurance Telemetry
RS0132 – SDA Assurance Sensor
RS0133 – SDA Monitoring and Troubleshooting
RS0134 – SDA Device Admin
RS0135 – SDA Programmability


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