People are saying coronavirus is a cover up for 5G Network Covid-19 HUAWEI 5G China technology

Others have claimed the virus is, in fact, being used to cover up dangerous effects of the mobile network. HUAWEI main actor 5G technology

So – is 5G linked to coronavirus?

The short answer is no.

In fact, the UK government has gone further to say there is “absolutely no credible link” between the two.

Meanwhile, Mobile UK, a trade union for British mobile providers, also commented on the “baseless” claims that it said were “not grounded in accepted scientific theory”.

“More worryingly,” it added: “Some people are also abusing our key workers and making threats to damage infrastructure under the pretence of claims about 5G.

“This is not acceptable and only impacts on our ability as an industry to maintain the resilience and operational capacity of the networks to support mass home working and critical connectivity to the emergency services, vulnerable consumers and hospitals.”

An increasing number of conversations on and offline have claimed to find insidious links between the roll out of 5G networks and coronavirus.

Claims suggesting that COVID-19 serves as a cover up for health hazards of 5G, or that the technology itself suppresses the immune system are just two of a number of theories in circulation that experts say are “baseless”.

But celebrities have also joined the conversation, with US actor Woody Harrelson sharing a post on Instagram that linked 5G to the pandemic, and TV personality Jason Gardiner suggesting the World Health Organisation had warned against the mobile network due to the illness.

In the UK, the situation further intensified after reports that at least one phone mast was suspected to have been deliberately set on fire.

5G is a wireless mobile network that was deployed in 2019 to help improve telecommunications and mobile connectivity. It works at a higher …

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