5G network makes China as Internet police , US make fake news due virus to change game , after virus 5G project is delayed at least one year more

Do you think is virus corona is fake news ,, i mean come on

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The connectivity ecosystem is highly interrelated, which means even a minor delay somewhere can quickly snowball and have an exaggerated impact. For instance, a delayed release of a standard that refines 5G SA specifications could cause networking equipment-makers to pause project development, as they won’t want to produce equipment that is incompatible with industry specifications.

The resulting delay to equipment production could in turn push network operators to delay launching their 5G SA networks, which promise improved performance over NSA 5G. And without 5G SA networks there won’t be a market for 5G SA-enabled devices like smartphones and wearables, thus affecting device-makers. Looking ahead, the effects of a delayed release will likely be compounded further by the effects of the pandemic — tech companies are already struggling with the fallout from damaged supply lines and store closures left in the virus’s wake.

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